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July 15 2013

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accessories, beautiful, cute

Image size: 500x500
1286 ed2d
accessories, clothes, fashion

Image size: 612x612
1289 8b5d
accessories, beautiful, dress

Image size: 480x480

July 14 2013

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accessories, clock, beautiful

Image size: 500x333
6466 5cdd
accessories, handmade necklace, jewelry

Image size: 570x427
6467 8929
accessories, pretty, fashion

Image size: 1000x1000

July 12 2013

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mint, fashion, style

Image size: 453x783

July 11 2013

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dress, vintage, beautiful

Image size: 481x610
9604 54c2
Angel Wing Stretch Rings Single Wing Ring Crystal Pave

Image size: 800x800
9606 37b9
Gold Star Ring Vintage Rhinestone Pave Stretch Ring

Image size: 800x800
9607 624f
Rhinestone Star Rings Silver Vintage Star Stretch Rings

Image size: 800x800
9608 522f
Cocktail Bat Rings Crystal Rhinestone Bat Rings Gold Stretch

Image size: 800x800
9610 2bb3
Flower Linear Earrings Detachable Stud Earrings Drop

Image size: 800x800
9611 9ffb
Charm Post Earrings Heart Leaf Statement Earrings

Image size: 800x800
9612 7e10
Star Shaped Earrings Rhinestone Punk Star Stud Earrings Gold Plated

Image size: 800x800
9614 ac2f
Angel Wing Cocktail Ring Gold Punk Adjustable Ring Crystal

Image size: 800x800
9615 fad0
Skull Wing Rings Gold Antique Gothic Skull Ring Stretch

Image size: 800x800
9617 44e8
Dome Owl Ring Antique Gold Crystal Pave Owl Stretch Band Rings Cocktail

Image size: 800x800
9619 94dd
Adjustable Owl Ring Rhinestone Pave Pinky Ring Silver Plated

Image size: 800x800
9620 f381
Adjustable Owl Pinky Ring Rhinestone Pave Owl Ring Silver Plated

Image size: 800x800
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